Vatis Tech

AI-powered speech-to-text infrastructure


Vatis Tech’s provides cutting-edge speech-to-text technology that automatically converts audio or video files into text with over 90% accuracy, leveraging proprietary deep-learning algorithms. We provide both a transcription platform accessible via a web app and a versatile speech-to-text API. Vatis Tech serves agile startups, large enterprises, podcasters, journalists, and developers, enabling seamless integration across various applications and industries.

Key Features:

  • Transcribe in 40+ languages and translate in 30+ languages

  • Advanced features: speaker diarization, entity detection, punctuation, numeral conversion

  • Audio intelligence: summarization, virtual assistant, sentiment analysis, topic detection

  • Real-time or pre-recorded file transcription

  • In-app text editing capabilities

  • Compatible with any programming language

  • Scalable infrastructure

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